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Important information

T's & C's

Terms and conditions

Please read carefully our terms and conditions page prior to making any booking or enquiry with us. Our terms and conditions page contains nearly all of the answers that you may have regarding your booking, our services and activities, and cancellation and refund policies.

We understand that from time-to-time circumstances do change and experiences unfortunately may not meet expectation for one reason or another.


Our terms and conditions are designed to be fair to all parties and to ensure the optimal outcome in resolving the situation for the parties involved. We value any and all feedback made by our guests and will review any request for cancellation, refund, expression of dissatisfaction or otherwise in a professional, timely and confidential manner.


Please expect that we will respond in line with any terms and conditions expressed here or in other correspondence from us.

The policies contained in this page are the prevailing terms and conditions for all engagements made with us unless specifically stated otherwise in your booking. Additional terms and conditions may be included in your booking or expressed in your correspondence with us.

Please read any additional the terms and conditions attached to your booking carefully.

Unfortunately we find that too many people fail to take out the appropriate insurance to cover themselves for unforeseen travel circumstances. We are too often asked to wear the burden of guests having a change in circumstance or for situations that are outside of our control. If you change your mind or you poorly plan your travels please do not ask us to wear the cost of your mistake. Please carefully plan your travels before placing your bookings. If you would like to protect yourself from the unforeseen please take out travel insurance prior to making reservations and understand your travel insurance terms and conditions.


No refund will be approved for bookings, activities or reservations that are cancelled due to weather, acts of god, illness, or poorly planned travel arrangements. Matters of this nature are your responsibility and in some instances you may be able to make a claim through your travel insurance provider.


Travel insurance is an insurance to protect you from various unforeseen events. It is your choice whether to take our travel insurance or not. Please do not expect us to wear the risk or burden of changes to your circumstances or situations that are outside of our control. If you take out travel insurance you should understand the terms and conditions of your travel insurance prior to making bookings and paying deposits.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your travel arrangements allow you sufficient time to arrive at our accommodation. Before booking your accommodation please check carefully your flight arrival and departure times, transits times, boat transfer times to and from Nusa Lembongan and allow yourself sufficient time to make it to our hotel accounting for any potential variables. Requests for cancellation due any of the above reasons will be strictly applied in line with the cancellation policies of your reservation.

We are here to help you with your travel plans though we do not take responsibility for missed bookings if we make suggestions or referrals on transfer times or travel arrangements. It is the guests decision on which provider they choose and what times they travel.

No refunds will be made for any bookings, activities, or reservations for accommodation, tours or any other service once the service has commenced. 

We operate on a strict cancellation policy and will honour the terms of your booking.


Bookings must be made in the name of the guest staying at the property. The guest checking in must match the booking name. Bookings are non-transferrable unless approve by us.

We will often offer different rates with different cancellation policies so please choose the rate and terms that suit you and your situation as these are the terms that will be applied. Unless specifically outlined in your booking terms and conditions no refunds will be permitted for the cancellation, no-show or dissatisfaction of any booking including accommodation, restaurant and bar, tours and activities or otherwise. 

In the event that we approve any refund to you any costs associated with the refund (bank fees, international transfer rates or otherwise) will be at your expense and deducted from the refund. We pay refunds in Indonesian Rupiah. Any cancellation fees incurred by us or another supplier will be deducted from the refund amount. Any refunds will incur an additional Rp 750.000 processing fee that will be deducted from the refund. 


All refunds are to be made to you via your nominated bank account. No refunds will be paid to you in cash. Our onsite staff are not able to process your requests for refund, cancellation or requests for compensation. 


All requests for refunds and/or compensation or complaints must be made in writing via the form at the bottom of this page.


Requests for refunds, cancellations and complaints will be responded within 14-days from the day of the receipt of completed form. All complaints and requests for refunds must be made in English.

Any refunds that are approved are payable 45-days at the latter of either the date of the commencement of the booking, check-in or activity, or the date the matter is resolved and refund is agreed.

In the event that a credit is approved it is valid for 6-months from the date the request for cancellation was made.


Complaints and expressions of dissatisfaction must be made within 7-days of the event otherwise any right to compensation is forfeited.


If you need to cancel your booking you must let us know as soon as reasonably practical of your need to cancel your booking otherwise your any rights you may have to a refund may be forfeited.

In the event that we provide you with any refund or additional benefit (regardless of relativity) to your booking you accept that this is deemed as as a full and complete compensation to you arising out of or in connection with, or claims that theoretically could theoretically have been made by you. 

Bookings made by you will be assumed as your acceptance of the booking and our terms and conditions upon submitting a booking request. From this point you will be liable for full payment of your booking and accept our terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to refund and cancel your booking at any time without reason and at no additional liability or expense to us. This includes in situations where your accommodation may be double-booked, your room is not available, a tour guide cancels, you miss your booking, or a third-party service provider does not carry out a service.

Our price match guarantee is that we will match any advertised price you find prior to making your booking or within 2-hours of making your booking. Simply email us a screenshot of the best rate you find and we will match it. Direct bookings also receive additional benefits as advertised.

You must comply with any reasonable directive from our management and staff including the directions included in our in room guides which is available in your room. If you would like a copy of our in room guide prior to your booking then please ask us for a soft-copy. 

In the event that you behave in a rude, intimidating, harassing, defamatory, threatening, bullying or demeaning manner towards our business or any of our staff you will immediately forfeit any right to any sort or refund or compensation.


In the event that you behave in a rude, intimidating, harassing, defamatory, threatening, bullying or demeaning manner towards our business or any of our staff we request the right to cancel any of your bookings with no compensation and we reserve the right to immediately have you removed from any of our properties and return any of our properties.

We reserve the right to terminate our relationship with you, cancel your reservations, remove you and your belongings from our property should you engage in any harmful or potential harmful behaviour towards our staff or patrons including: profanity, sexually explicit remarks or behaviour, hate speech, discrimination, threats, violence, personal attacks, promotion of illegal activities or politically sensitive comments.​

In the event that there is damage caused to our property or the property of a third party service provider by you authorise us deduct the cost or repair or replacement directly from your credit card or from your deposit at our discretion. If we cannot collect funds through these means then we are entitled to pursue you through legal means and you may be reported to the relevant authorities.

In the event that you leave the property without paying your bill in full or have outstanding payables to us or a third party service provider you authorise us to deduct the amount of your outstanding payables directly from your credit card or from your deposit at our discretion. This may include but is not limited to outstanding accommodation, minibar, restaurant, refuelling, payment to tour guides or other services agreed by you. If we cannot collect funds through these means then we are entitled to pursue you through legal means and you may be reported to the relevant authorities.

Through engaging with us in any commercial activity you agree to our terms of confidentiality and you agree not engage in any activity, public commentary, publish reviews, discuss on forums or blogs, or make any defamatory comment that may be deemed to negatively impact on our business in any way.

Through breaching any of our terms of confidentiality you immediately forfeit any right to any sort of refund or compensation. Any benefit offered may be retracted and any damage whether actual or potential caused through breaching our terms of confidentiality may lead you as liable to damages and compensation from us.

In the event that a refund or benefit is provided to you as result of any expression of dissatisfaction or otherwise you agree not to disclose those details in any activity, public commentary, reviews, discussion on forums or blogs, or defamatory activity that may be deemed to negatively impact on our business. If any such details are disclosed you authorise us to act on your behalf in removing those publications. We will also seek damages where appropriate.


We reserve the unlimited right to have you to remove or cease any activity that may be deemed to negatively impact our business activities and operations. Through engaging with our business you provide us with your authority to act on your behalf in having removed or revised from any forum or public place (physical or online) any expression made by you about our business or its activities.

In the circumstance where you breach these terms we reserve the right to seek damages and compensation from you or any third party who facilitates such information for any perceived, actual or potential, past, current or future, damage that may be caused to us by way of: damage to our reputation; or damage to our business; or damage to our revenue; or damage to our profitability; or or damage any other commercial activities we are engaged in. 

In the event that any term, paragraph, sentence or clause in these terms and conditions is not deemed to be legal or permissible that will not effect the remainder of the terms, paragraphs, sentences or clauses in these terms and conditions.

We accept no responsibility or liability for the satisfaction or safety of services or tours that are organised by us and carried out by a third party. This may include and is not limited to boat transfers, shuttle transfers, rentals or tour activities. We will not provide refund for any service or tour that is organised by us due to issues surrounding satisfaction, safety, cancellation or otherwise. In the circumstance that we organise a service for you and act as an intermediary you are welcome to express your complaints directly with that service provider and you may seek compensation directly with that service provider subject to their own terms and conditions of service. 

We accept no responsibility or liability in the event you are injured or harmed in any way whilst participating in any activity or service that has been organised by us including activities coordinated by us and carried out by a third party service provider.

We accept no liability for any damage to you or damage, loss or theft of your property whilst on our property or whilst on an activity organised or coordinated us.

As an Indonesian business we only quote rates in Indonesian Rupiah. Any rates quoted in rates other than Indonesian Rupiah are estimates only. Currency conversions are out of our control.

You can choose to pay us via cash, credit card, PayPal or direct bank transfer. We will quote you our rates in IDR. It is your responsibility to ensure that the correct amount of money is received by us. Any charges incurred as processing fees or currency conversions are your responsibility.

The terms "we" and "us" and "our" are used to define, PT Aqua Nusa Lembongan, Aqua Nusa, Ohana's, it's directors, shareholders, affiliate businesses and operations and personnel who may be under the employment of the company.

The terms "you"  and "your" are used to define the person or persons who have engaged with "us" for any service as either the primary person for the booking or any party associated with the person named as making that booking.

Form for cancellations, refund and expressions of dissatisfaction

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